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Digitech VLHM Vocal Effects Processor - Image 1

Digitech VLHM Vocal Effects Processor

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The Live Harmony instantly adds up to two separate vocal harmonies to your vocals transforming your performances into harmony-filled masterpieces. Just plug a guitar and a microphone into the Vocalist Live Harmony, then start playing and singing - this intelligent effects box takes care of the rest! Using patented musIQ technology develop by DigiTech, the Live Harmony senses the chords you’re playing on guitar and adds correct natural vocal harmonies to your vocals. As you strum a different chord while you sing a sustained note, you’ll hear the harmonies change behind you - just like a virtual team of backup singers.

  • Add up to 2 additional voices of natural harmonies using musIQ, the most advanced pitch detection technology
  • New advanced double effect technology with intelligent ducking
  • Built-in guitar tuner
  • New Advanced Feedback Suppression with 12 filters
  • Up to 70 second vocal phrase looper with unlimited overdubs


Product Information

  • Brand: DigiTech
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Minimum Recommended Age:

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