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MagicScore Maestro v8.0

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Magic Score Maestro is the fastest way to transform musical ideas into final compositions. Enter notes quickly via optimized tools or by simply playing the notes on a MIDI keyboard. Easily edit your score with powerful tools that let you place individual notes and music symbols precisely on the page. Transpose entire scores or individual parts with just a few clicks. Magic Score Maestro includes standard music notation symbols, drums/percussion notation, guitar tabs, and chord diagrams. Listen to instrument parts and arrangements with MIDI instrument sounds to let you write for everything from solo piano to full orchestra. Mix your compositions down to an MP3 or output clean and easy-to-read music notation files. Create engraver quality prints, publish scores to the web, or export to other programs. Magic Score Maestro is an incredible value, with features found in programs costing 3 to 4 times more!

  • Input notes quickly via the extensive Note/Symbol Tool Palette, a virtual piano or guitar, Chord Builder, or your MIDI device
  • Extensive score creation and editing tools, unheard of in this price range, let you place notes and symbols exactly where you want them to make great-looking scores. You even get the piano roll-style Playback Editor for optimizing MIDI playback
  • Full control of page layout including text orientation and symbol placements
  • Listen to scores using the built-in library of MIDI instrument sounds and/or 3rd party Sound Fonts (SF2) instruments
  • Print, preview, or export scores as PDF, BMP, JPEG, and GIF to publish your music via print or the web. Import/export MIDI and Music XML files for exchanging with other music applications


Product Information

  • Brand: MagicScore
  • Release Date: 2015-11-14
  • Minimum Recommended Age: 144 months
  • Hardware Platform: PC

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